Depression Preventive Rudraksha Combination


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Depression is a very common problem wherein the state of mind of the concerned person doesn’t feel happy or good, and many times people suffer from depression without any apparent reason. Some people seem to have all the happiness in life, yet they suffer from depression. Failures in life, career problems, and disturbed love life can lead to depression. Most people aren’t able to handle depression due to weakness of mind and the severity of depression is due to the position of planets and stars in the horoscope. The causes of depression can be cured astrologically by wearing this combination rudraksha:

The two-faced, six-faced, and Ganesh mukhi rudraksha can definitely help the person. The two-faced rudraksha enhances the personality and gives a positive outlook towards life whereas Six-faced rudraksha removes the malefic effects of the planets and provides therapeutic benefits to the wearer. The Ganesh mukhi rudraksha enhances and improves concentration and focus towards life.

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