Rudraksha Guide: Know Everything About Rudraksha

Rudraksha is among one of the most preferred and worn astrological elements. It is considered extremely pious and holds strong significance in Hindu mythology. It is believed that lord Shiva was in deep pain due to the human’s life cycle which isn’t letting people attain Moksha. Out of this sheer

Why should one invest in Rudraksha? Benefits and Maintenance

Astrology has the power to mellow down the malefic effects and enhance the benefic effects of planets. Out of the various remedies and elements used to treat the horoscopes, Rudraksha holds huge significance. It is considered to be very dear to Shiv ji who is the supreme lord in Hindu

Rudraksha : Myths Vs. Facts!

For centuries, people have put their utmost faith in the holy prowess of the Rudraksha. They have used it for chanting mantras and for other spiritual rituals. However, over the years, people have developed certain misunderstandings as well as misbeliefs about the Rudraksha mala. A Rudraksha seed is derived from